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Medical Qualitative research that makes a difference


The LDA team specialises in qualitative research that delivers real world data to make a real difference

We have extensive experience recruiting to a range of online and offline research methodologies.

Focus Groups

We recruit the participants you need, and gather them in an appropriate location. Our specialist moderators lead the session either on or offline.

In-Depth Interviews

IDIs can take place face-to-face, or online. Our professional interviewers have experience working for medical companies or in specialist healthcare market research.

Tele-Depth Interviews

 TDIs are detailed interviews carried out by an experienced moderator on the phone. We also facilitate WATIs, or web-assisted telephone interviewing.


Web-Assisted Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews carried out by specialist moderators online with the potential of using web-based materials as part of the interview.


The LDA Research team has a reputation for accessing the day-to-day experiences of hard-to-reach patients, using video, audio or written diary entries.

Online Communities

Our ‘Voice of the Patient’ forum is accessed via Facebook. It targets UK patients who are given regular opportunities to participate in paid surveys, polls and research.

Customer and Internal Workshops

If you have a research question that requires a practical exploration, we’re happy to find the participants, organise the location, and run the session.

Detail Follow-Ups

LDA Research is one of a small number of medical market research companies that provides DFUs once sales reps have had meetings with HCPs.

Surveys, Questionnaires and Reports

Our medical market research professionals have experience in compiling and hosting online surveys, creating questionnaires, analysing data, and writing up qualitative research reports.


Our contact details are...

01525 861436
0781 4526463

LDA Research,
Enterprise House,
Building 52, Wrest Park,
Silsoe, Bedfordshire,
MK45 4HS

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