Tailored flexible research

We pride ourselves on our tailored approach to medical market research. We collaborate closely with you to customise medical research projects of any size and employ a variety of methodologies that perfectly align with your unique research requirements.

  • Online video interviews
  • Central location days
  • Online and CATI surveys
  • Online communities
  • Ethnography
  • Patient diaries
  • DFUs

What is flexible research?

From large projects spanning across multiple countries to finding niche patient groups, our flexibility allows us to support all your research needs. In communication with you every step of the way, we will help you to identify your ideal respondents to maximise insights and our dedicated team of fieldwork experts tailor market research recruitment and moderation to ensure premium outputs every time.


Research services

LDA Research stands out in the field of finding hard-to-reach and niche respondents to fulfil our client’s requirements. Our rigorous validation process guarantees authentic participants, and we go above and beyond by leveraging multiple market research recruitment channels and expert moderators to deliver precisely what you need, exactly when you need it.
LDA-International Partners-WHITE
International Partners
Our coverage spans the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, as well as the Nordics, KSA, and UAE, thanks to our in-house database. When it comes to non-English speaking markets, we collaborate with our trusted international partners to ensure consistent high-calibre respondents for all market research projects we’re a part of.
We are flexible and adaptable to meet our clients' diverse needs, regardless of their scale or scope. Whether it's a small-scale market research study with a few respondents or a large multi-market project involving hundreds, we provide support tailored to your specific requirements. We offer a range of options, from recruitment-only assistance to comprehensive project support, accommodating any level of involvement in between.
We offer translation services to ensure consistency across markets for all your guides, stimuli, and other materials. By utilizing our translation services, you can be confident that the nuances of your healthcare market research will not be ‘lost in translation’.
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With a highly experienced core team of interviewers, each with over 15 years of expertise at the director level, we possess a diverse range of methodologies, respondent knowledge, and specialisation across multiple indications. We are adaptable and can cater to different healthcare market research needs seamlessly, ensuring a perfect fit.
LDA-Transcription and analysis-WHITE
Transcription and analysis
Upon completion of interviews across all markets, we offer output in any desired format you require, ranging from verbatim transcripts to content analysis. Our priority is to ensure that the data collected is accurately recorded, preserving all meaning and emphasis without any loss.

What our clients are saying

  • “Lucy and her team at LDA research are our go-to when it comes to market research and recruitment needs. They are fast, responsive and truly understand the ask before diving in. The quality and caliber of the respondents is also a testament to their hard work and ensuring we as an agency get to speak to the right people and get the insights we need.” John-Fitzpatrick-Precision-Effect John Fitzpatrick Precision Effect
  • “LDA Research is a valuable partner for Signify Research. It supports us by providing high-quality expert interviews and market research via its global network of key decision makers at hospital and provider networks. We always find LDA Research responds quickly to our requests, understands our needs and the healthcare market well, is adaptable and provides only the highest-quality interviewees” Alex-Green-Signify-Research Alex Green Company Director - Signify Research
  • “I worked with LDA for the first time recently and found them really approachable and professional – they truly understood what we needed from the project and made the whole process easy and enjoyable! Would highly recommend working with them.” Andrew-Bourke Andrew Bourke Managing Partner - Fyr Hub