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LDA Research are specialists in the field of healthcare market research recruitment. Over the years, as healthcare recruitment specialists, LDA Research excels in recruiting respondents across diverse medical fields, global markets, and various medical conditions. Leveraging our proprietary panel, we have access to a vast pool of healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients. Additionally, our Rare Disease Network enables us to reach individuals with rare conditions. Through a combination of multiple recruitment techniques and avenues, we ensure precise identification of respondents that perfectly match your research requirements.


Research services

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Healthcare Professionals
Our extensive proprietary panel comprises thousands of healthcare professionals (HCPs), enabling us to recruit experts from various fields and global markets. This includes but is not limited to, physicians, surgeons, nurses, allied healthcare professionals, mental health specialists, home healthcare professionals, and niche specialisms. We can identify and recruit HCPs across diverse healthcare disciplines to meet your specific healthcare market research requirements.
LDA-Patients and caregivers-WHITE
Patients and Caregivers
We leverage our extensive experience and Rare Disease Network to connect with patients and their caregivers across a wide range of medical conditions. Our recent research examples include individuals with Addison's Disease, Angioedema, Atopic Dermatitis, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL), Cluster Headaches, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Myasthenia Gravis, Non- Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), Parkinson's Disease, and many more.
LDA-Pharmacy and lab respondents-WHITE
Pharmacy and Lab Respondents
Our extensive respondent panel covers professionals in drug manufacturing and laboratory support, including hospital and commercial pharmacists, lab managers, pathologists, EBME specialists, and microbiologists. We have the capacity to recruit diverse lab and pharmacy experts, guaranteeing a customized approach that fulfils your healthcare/medical research requirements.
LDA-Pharaceutical and B2B-WHITE
Pharmaceutical and B2B
Whether you require participants from key B2B decision-making roles, such as executives, procurement managers, or industry experts, we have the knowledge and network to identify and engage the right individuals for your market research project.
LDA-Payors and c-suite-WHITE
Payors and C-Suite
We have the capability to recruit decision-makers across various roles, including payors, procurement specialists, insurance professionals, and C-suite executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO, CNO, CMIO). Our expertise ensures efficient access to and engagement of these critical respondents.
LDA-IT and healthcare management-WHITE
IT and Healthcare Management
With the emergence of new technologies and practices in the healthcare industry, LDA Research is well-positioned to connect you with professionals in healthcare IT and other healthcare management roles. This includes IT directors, telehealth specialists, compliance officers, sustainability officers, population health experts, healthcare administrators, and nursing home managers.

What our clients are saying

  • “Lucy and her team at LDA research are our go-to when it comes to market research and recruitment needs. They are fast, responsive and truly understand the ask before diving in. The quality and caliber of the respondents is also a testament to their hard work and ensuring we as an agency get to speak to the right people and get the insights we need.” John-Fitzpatrick-Precision-Effect John Fitzpatrick Precision Effect
  • “LDA Research is a valuable partner for Signify Research. It supports us by providing high-quality expert interviews and market research via its global network of key decision makers at hospital and provider networks. We always find LDA Research responds quickly to our requests, understands our needs and the healthcare market well, is adaptable and provides only the highest-quality interviewees” Alex-Green-Signify-Research Alex Green Company Director - Signify Research
  • “I worked with LDA for the first time recently and found them really approachable and professional – they truly understood what we needed from the project and made the whole process easy and enjoyable! Would highly recommend working with them.” Andrew-Bourke Andrew Bourke Managing Partner - Fyr Hub