Celebrating Milestones: A Year of Achievements for LDA Research

As the year draws to a close, Thomas Downe (Market Research Executive) reflects on the achievements we have had at LDA Research: launch of our Rare Disease Network including the podcast, Rare Together and exhibiting at our first conference in New York.  

Rare Disease Network: Making a Difference 

Our proudest achievement this year has been the establishment and growth of the Rare Disease Network. This community, designed to unite individuals diagnosed with rare diseases, has flourished, currently boasting over 400 members. Alongside this, our inaugural podcast series, Rare Together, has engaged audiences with insightful discussions on topics like "The diagnosis odyssey" and "We are zebras." With over 1100 streams across various channels and countries and in excess of 70 hours of listening time, the success of our podcast has been truly heartening. 

The accolades have followed our dedication. Teaming up with our marketing partners 3manfactory, we received nominations for two prestigious awards for our work on the Rare Disease Network. We attended the Prolific North Marketing Award ceremony at Manchester in October, contending for the Best Social Purpose Campaign. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate the Drum Awards in the Healthcare and Pharma Category, recognizing the impact of our work in supporting those diagnosed with rare diseases. 

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A Quirks Journey: Navigating New York and Networking Success 

 In July, LDA Research participated in the esteemed Quirks New York 2023 exhibition. This two-day event brought together client-side researchers and vendor partners from across the market research industry, offering a shared platform for attendees to learn, connect and share best practices for market research. This enabled us to share our work with attendees and provided a fertile ground for fostering connections with agencies and partners within the US market. 

The proof of Quirks' impact lies in the tangible outcomes that followed the event. Numerous projects have been commissioned off the back of connections and further opportunity for collaboration has been established. The success emerging from our Quirks experience underscores the value of face-to-face interactions for us at LDA Research, and we look forward to participating in more events in the future to forge further connections.  


Colleague Excellence: A Distinction Earned 

On a personal note, I am proud to have completed my apprenticeship with the Market Research Society and was awarded the first distinction in the UK. For this, I conducted a study on the level of support received by people diagnosed with a rare disease. The findings suggested that this is an area that needs further research and investment. The apprenticeship helped with my understanding of the wider market research industry and gave me the opportunity to further my own professional development.

Launched in 2022, the apprenticeship scheme, designed in collaboration with industry leaders such as Ipsos MORI, Maritz, and Disney, aims to attract new talent into the insight sector. The program provides a crucial stepping stone into the market research profession. 

Wrapping up the year, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our team, partners, and community members who have contributed to these remarkable achievements. We look forward to building on this momentum and embracing new opportunities in the coming year.  

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