Feature Interview With Fatima Mitha

On 16th February 2022, the Market Research Society launched the Level 4 Market Research Executive Apprenticeship programme which is run by Swarm Training. Designed in collaboration with, amongst others, Ipsos, Disney, Channel 4, and the House of Commons, its aim is to “promote social inclusion by building a diverse and inclusive research sector”.

The launch was at BAFTA in Central London and there were presentations from the Shadow Minister for Business, Seema Malhotra, the CEO of MRS, Jane Frost, as well as speakers from Disney, Samsung, Ipsos, and our very own Fatima Mitha. Fatima is one of 4 apprentices who make up the pioneer cohort for this new endeavour.

LDA Founder, Lucy Doorbar, told us: “Nobody comes into Market Research trained specifically for the sector, which is why I was so keen for Fatima to have this opportunity.”

Hi Fatima, how long have you been working with LDA Research and how did you get involved in Market Research?

I finished my degree in Marketing Management in 2020 and wasn’t sure where to go from there, except that I’d enjoyed my market research module during my degree. So, I decided to focus my efforts on getting into the market research industry. I was lucky enough to land my role with LDA Research and Lucy suggested joining the apprenticeship as a way for me to learn and develop my skills. I started the apprenticeship in November last year.

What is involved in the apprenticeship?

We have a workshop every month that lasts for around 2-3 hours and then we’re set homework to show our understanding. We are required to spend 20% of our time towards the apprenticeship, so I dedicate one day of the week. My tutor is really helpful and offers a lot of support, we also have one-to-one session each month.

Blog - What is involved in the apprenticeship?

What do you feel the benefits of the apprenticeship have been for you?

For me the apprenticeship has been really beneficial, I wasn’t aware that I could do apprenticeship after a degree but when it was offered to me, I knew it would be really helpful in my new job.

There’s is a real focus in the teaching on being able to show my knowledge through transferrable skills within my own work environment; making sure that I’m able to implement those skills.

And the Benefits to LDA Research?

The apprenticeship I’m on is the first of its kind, so the 4 of us in the first cohort are seen as pioneers in a way. The others are from Disney, Ipsos and Channel 4 so LDA Research is in really good company there. Plus, it’s good to feel like my employer is at the cutting edge of the industry.

I was asked to present at the launch, along with one other apprentice. As part of my presentation, I talked about LDA Research of course, and described the work we do. It was good to get our name out there alongside Disney, Channel 4, and Samsung.

What was memorable about the presentations at the launch?

The big theme was developing a young and diverse workforce through the Market Research Executive Apprenticeship and others like it. LeShanda Seaman, Senior Research Executive at BritainThinks, said that in the future they “won’t be doing research about a group of people but for and with a group of people.” This was picked up by a number of speakers and people were putting it on social media.

Apart from that, it was a great event to be a part of. I’m delighted to be one of the ‘pioneers’!

Thanks Fatima, great to speak to you.

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