Hot Topics in Radiology

Hot Topics in Radiology Medical Marketing Research

Radiology is not only a powerful diagnostic tool, it’s also an integral component in disease management. Through the use of X-rays, MRI, ultrasound or CT scans, healthcare professionals receive detailed data relating to bodily structure. This information allows for the early detection, prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment for diseases and injuries.

Radiology is key, therefore, to effective healthcare, which means that the medical market research team at LDA Research regularly gets to work on new developments in the field. It’s a specialist area that tends to attract high levels of investment, and the current hot topics in radiology we’re seeing are focused on increased accuracy, optimisation of workflow and service enhancement for patients.

Here are 3 radiology projects that LDA Research has worked on recently:

Extremity MRI Scanners (US)

Traditional full-body MRI machines require the patient to lie inside the equipment, very still, whilst radio waves and a strong magnetic field create detailed images of body tissue and internal structures. By contrast, extremity MRI scanners are designed to take images of  just the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, hands, or feet.

Radiologists are aware of the concerns some patients have when confronted with a full-body MRI machine; one of our respondents commented on the extremity scanner:

“Very nice. Looks comfortable. You know, having seen this, there may be a market for people have real bad claustrophobia.” - US Radiologist

Extremity scanners are designed to be used at free standing clinics, imaging centres and orthopaedic clinics. Once the smaller MRI machines were demonstrated to radiologists, many of them expressed a distinct interest in providing this kind of service to patients, particularly those who may have problems with using the larger machine.

Radiology AI Solutions (US & UK)

“AI seems to be coming in at all angles in my industry … I can only see the benefits … it seems to be when you look at the sort of mistakes or the misdiagnosis, human-wise, this I think takes a lot of that away, which is only an advantage.” - US Radiologist

Radiology is particularly well suited to the implementation of AI tools. AI algorithms facilitate the automation of repetitive tasks, which streamlines the workflow and tends to be an attractive proposition for radiologists. There is also huge potential for use of AI in clinical applications such as the identification of sight-threatening eye-conditions at speed, or picking up abnormalities in a CT scan.

“I really think that this would help and mean that it would cut down on the radiologists’ work at night.  And also, you can still look at what the AI algorithms have come up with.  And I don’t think it will mean a lack of, a loss of skill with the doctors, cause we’re still looking at X-rays as well.” - UK Radiologist

Integrated 3D Imaging (US & UK)

Advancements in 3D printing are now providing surgeons and cardiologists with the opportunity to use 3D models for the diagnosis and management of patients with congenital heart defects. 3D modelling offers a range of benefits, including the potential for improved surgical outcomes, increased procedural efficiency and a reduction in radiation exposure.

The NHS is currently using Heartflow Cardiac Testing for diagnosis and treatment of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). HeartFlow analysis offers a non-invasive cardiac test resulting in a colour-coded 3D model of the coronary arteries. This provides detailed information about constrictions and blockages, and their impact on the blood flow to the heart.

Working With LDA Research

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