Introducing Susana Londoño-Zuluaga our new research manager

We have recently welcomed new research manager Susana Londoño-Zuluaga to grow and broaden LDA Research’s medical market research to the Spanish and LATAM markets.

Susana was born in Medellin, Colombia, attended a bilingual school where she learnt English, before moving to the US where she continued her education including her bachelor’s degree. She later moved to the UK to pursue her maLDA_0123ster's degree.

‘In my early years of education, and to this day my grandfather Fernan Londoño Gutierrez has been an inspiration to me. My grandfather had a fantastic work ethic that he instilled into my family,’ said Susana. ‘Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s, and as a young child I became very aware of the deterioration seen in Alzheimer’s patients first hand, which influenced my interest in medicine and degenerative diseases.

‘I also became much more aware of the inequalities of medicine around the world, especially while studying medical ethics and public health care at university. Although I did not become a doctor, I still enjoy taking part in the medical market research, as it allows me to have a part in the improvement of medicine from a different point of view.’

As a student researcher at Roanoke College, US she utilized bioinformatics to find proteins and mutations in fungi, analysed collected data to support findings and communicated these to Roanoke College Faculty for further work.

Susana went on to use laboratory techniques on live seaweed samples to analyse host-pathogen interactions, presenting and communicating these findings in her MSc Dissertation at the University of Plymouth and PML as a graduate student researcher.

Her experience in medical market research stems from her role as a market research analyst at IDR Medical.

Working with LDA Research Susana plans to develop business and involvement in medical market research in the Spanish-speaking markets and to build our data base in these areas.

She said that Colombia has been involved in the research and discovery of key genes that lead to onset of Alzheimer’s, which will be an area of medical market research close to her heart.

Her other interests include hiking in the countryside and travelling. ‘I love nature and spending time outdoors, which is why Wales is such a perfect place to live in.’

LDA Research is an international qualitative research provider. Set up in 2011 by Lucy Doorbar, the LDA team specialises in providing global intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device sector. We have a network of international associates as well as dedicated healthcare panels in the UK and US.