LDA Medical Market Research

Medical Market Research Provides Insights for HCPs

LDA Research helps healthcare professionals to provide the very best care for their patients. We do this by providing LDA medical market research for pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and technology providers. Our aim is always to ensure that patient needs are met, and healthcare processes are efficiently and innovatively delivered.

Patients’ needs and behaviours sit at the heart of everything we do. We provide HCPs with a detailed understanding of how patients experience illness and its treatments within a global healthcare context. Our qualitative research methodologies are therefore, varied, adaptable and creative, in order to achieve the results our clients look to us to provide.

High-Quality Research From a Team of Professionals

Our work we do at LDA Research is distinguished by the fact we use only professional moderators and interviewers to conduct medical market research. We believe that the acquisition of high-quality research data depends upon using researchers who have experience working for medical companies, or in senior roles. Our experience show that this allows us to draw out more profound insights from participants.

A Range of LDA Medical Market Research Methodologies

The LDA Research team has quite a reputation for both finding experts or hard-to-reach patient groups that other agencies can’t and creating the exact methodology that’s required. Our specialist methodologies can be mixed-and-matched to meet the needs of a client.

1. Focus Groups

The LDA Research team recruits the participants you need and gathers them all in an appropriate location. The focus group can take place online, or offline, and our specialist moderators lead the session.

Online focus groups allow clients to observe the process, and tweak the questions being asked in response to what they see.

2. In-Depth Interviews

IDIs take place either online, or in a central location, or other physical location. We also have extensive experience of TDIs (phone interviews) and WATIs, or web-assisted telephone depth interviewing.

Being able to offer a range of interview methodologies allows interviewees to choose the one that they feel most comfortable with.

3. Detail Follow-Ups – DFUs

We’re one of a small number of medical market research companies that provides DFUs for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Once sales reps complete meetings with HCPs, the LDA team follow up to check on the accuracy of the information received, and the impact of messaging utilised. We’ll ask questions to find out:

  • How HCPs see the product in relation to competitors.
  • Whether the agreed positioning is working for healthcare buyers.
  • Whether HCPs are recognising the full range of benefits offered by the product.

4. Workshops

If a client has a research question that requires practical exploration, we’re happy to find the participants, organise the location, and run the session. We have successfully run online workshops, utilising breakout spaces and online whiteboards to facilitate small team discussion and task-based activities.

We tend to use physical locations for medical device workshops as this allows participants to touch and experience the devices.

5. Ethnography

We have run ethnographic studies for medical device design, patient experience studies, and in modelling the active engagement of patients in their own healthcare. Ethnography provides clients with a detailed understanding of:

  • How patients respond to diagnosis of a condition.
  • The way people engage with medical devices.
  • The degree to which medical devices can enhance users’ health and wellbeing.
  • The role caregivers, families, and HCPs play in the way a patient takes responsibility for their own health.

6. Surveys, Questionnaires, Reports

LDA medical market research professionals have a wealth of experience creating questionnaires, compiling, and hosting online surveys, analysing research data, and writing up qualitative research reports. These skills can be integrated into any research project, as can translation and presentation production.

LDA Medical Market Research is Global

We have dedicated healthcare panels in the UK and US and have developed an extensive network of partners with international panels. Currently our field partners span Europe, North America, South America, South Korea, China, Mexico, Japan, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.

Project size isn’t a problem for LDA Research. Whether clients require a hundred respondents in one country or one person in five different countries, successful delivery is guaranteed.

Would you like to speak to a member of the LDA Research team about working with us? Call us today on 01525 861436.