How is Covid-19 Reshaping Medical Market Research?

How is Covid-19 Reshaping Medical Market Research?

The Covid-19 pandemic has dominated headlines since March 2020, and affected every part of our social, private and professional lives. We’ve all had to learn to adapt, in fairly extreme ways, to the changes the virus has wrought. Now as we move beyond its initial stages in the UK, there’s time to consider the nature of those changes and the impact they've had on the sectors in which we work.

LDA Research is a qualitative research provider specialising in medical market research for the pharmaceutical and medical device sector. We observed that, over the lockdown period, healthcare professionals quickly adopted meeting platforms as a key communication strategy. Likewise, medtech and pharmaceutical companies escalated their use of digital communication.

Given the necessary focus on the digital space for our clients, LDA Research was able to contribute innovative insight gathering methods. These facilitated ongoing qualitative research and opened up a range of new possibilities going forward.

Innovative Market Research Solutions

For all medical research companies, it has become impossible to run face-to-face research. LDA Research has long been recognised as a leader in the development of creative and innovative research methodologies. This stood us in good stead when tackling Covid challenges.  We were able to offer our clients a number of digitally-located research methods. These cost less than face-to-face meetings, provide a secure environment, and offer comparative research outcomes.

Using Digital Meeting Platforms for Qualitative Research

Prior to Covid, many of our medical market research clients had expressed a natural preference for physical focus groups. This is completely understandable as a face-to-face encounter ‘feels’ more authentic and allows clients direct access and real time interaction . Having to move to group meetings online, however, has proved far less of a leap than might have been expected.

Choosing the right meeting software was key to making the process work. We found that Microsoft Teams was accessible to the greatest number of our participants; doctors - for example - are already using this software in their work. It was easy to download, or access, and it worked well for the group sizes we facilitate.

Our clients were able to observe the participants via the screen, without being visible. And it was easier for the project sponsor to communicate directly to the moderator during the session because they were no longer in a separate room.

Creative Online Qualitative Research Methods

Once technology becomes a creative partner in medical market research, the potential for its use proliferates rapidly. The LDA team are known for their new and innovative medical market research methodologies. The events of 2020 have allowed us to utilise many of these innovations.

We are experts in:

  • Daily/weekly video diaries
  • Online questionnaires tracking participants’ responses over a period of days or weeks
  • Participants receive products by post.  Photo responses demonstrate problems, or positive/salient experiences
  • Voice blogs

New Research Questions Following on From Covid

The way that we perceive and work within healthcare has changed for the short-term – and possibly forever – thanks to Covid. We're currently involved in studies considering ways in which NHS patients can be managed without using a ‘trip to the hospital’ as a default solution. LDA Research are also undertaking research into how product manufacturers can communicate in different ways with healthcare professionals, that minimise the need for face-to-face contact.

The legacy of fresh and innovative insight gathering approaches provided by LDA Research is now helping to determine the future direction of medical market research in a post-Covid world.

About LDA Research

LDA Research was set up in 2011 by Lucy Doorbar. We’re a small, core team working alongside a global network of trusted associates. We carry out qualitative research for medical and pharmaceutical clients, medical comms agencies, health market research agencies, management consultants and advertising agencies.

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